As Veteran’s Day passes and those who have signed their name on the dotted line to serve their country, be at war-time or at peace, are honored…..I can’t help but stop and think of all the brave souls who are fighting the front line of a war that takes casualties, drains spirits and finances, worries parents, caregivers and loved ones but continues….
As a veteran and a former Chaplain’s Assistant in the U.S. Air Force, I have seen first hand how serving can separate families and ask not only the military personnel but their loved ones to sacrifice much for the mission. As a LADA Type 1 Diabetic, I have also experienced and listened to accounts of how Diabetes also wages war, puts us in dangerous situations and takes casualties. We must never give up fighting for a cure while honoring the brave individuals both very young and old who face the enemy daily. Let’s all hope for a day when we too can be a peace. You are not alone in this Sweet Life. 
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