Numbers. We study them. Add them. Subtract them. Designate the future and the past. We are identified by our government with them and ranked by performance with them. We hope for higher numbers such as “16” and “21” as a teenager, then of course mile markers that signify wisdom and longevity as seniors in the community. We are bombarded with cell numbers and login numbers. We check in with our gravitational pull to the earth or otherwise known as weight “numbers”, our pant size, shoe size, ring size and beyond. We even marvel at the endless number of Pi that marks no exact finite destination. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. 

Birthdays are special numbers that give us a sense of being “unique” and special for one day. As my unique (well sort of) date of birth approaches, I am becoming well aware of how numbers, dates, hours, minutes, and seconds fly by! I am also becoming accustomed to the constant mind set of calculating carb numbers, glucose numbers, insulin deliverance numbers and other Diabetes related numbers.  
There are many special numbers in my life but the 10-15 combo represents the birth of a girl that grew into a confident woman who then was challenged by the hand of fate to appreciate life even more than she could ever imagine. 
For all of us who embrace life and juggle all the numbers in our SweetLife, I wish you all a very happy birthday, whatever that number might be!